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The Sifter is a free website for searching and comparing authors, their works and the details of their works regarding food and related topics around the world and throughout history.

Browse and search through thousands of historical cookbooks and manuscripts dating back to the Middle Ages!

We have just updated the site to Version 1.2, which has numerous upgrades. Click here for a full list of changes.

New! 504 medieval French and German recipes and their details were added from CoReMa (Univ. of Graz)

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The Sifter
Mission Statement

The Sifter is a public database, free to all users. It is a tool for finding and comparing historical and contemporary writing on food and food-related topics. It is overseen by an advisory board composed of members from The Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery as well as other friends of food history. As with Wikipedia, the Sifter will be populated by its users. All entries will have an English translation, enabling users to search languages they cannot read. Soon, we will have over 100 languages represented. Registered users will be able to make corrections and add new information. Future releases will include a data visualization component. We also plan to include more resources linking to digitized photographs, artworks, television and film. With the aid of this tool, it is our hope that what has been invisible will come into focus.


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